Monday, July 11, 2011

after a long silence

hello lovelies :)

it's been so so long since i last posted anything here right? a lot of things happened since my last entry. i got married, went here and there, finished a whole load of assignments and finally everything was settled yesterday. phew! what a relief!

i have few orders pending, due to my lack of time. and now starting to finish them up. and sorry lovelies, i'm not taking any new orders for now until end of august as i have exams, just around the corner. (i'm still studying, a part-timer at OUM taking another degree in mass comm.) so if you can wait till end of august, you may fill up the form, and i will get back to you super soon.

as for the fabric selections, i need to edit them i guess. some of the fabrics are limited only for small items like make up or hand phone sleeves. and i do have few new fabrics too.

will upload some photos soon, some old photos of things i made for your view. 
and here's what i made after such a long time abandoning my sewing kit.

i made covered buttons from fabric scraps i got from kak Sohana Sabir, the owner of myBotang crafty corner & myBotang shoppe

and this was what my partner did with the buttons. he played batu seremban (five stones)

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