Sunday, July 31, 2011

thread holder/ organizer

recently, members of this Geng Mesin Jahit group in facebook showed their sewing room or sewing corner for each others view & to give some ideas for those who plan to have one. Rozi from Rozi's Needlework showed us her sewing room and i fell in love with her thread organizer (that's what i call it). 

it's just a simple board with medium size nails, nailed to it. tak tegak, senget sikit supaya benang tak jatuh dari paku tu. her husband made it for her. as for me, my husband is not around. so i did it by myself. 
tak susah pun. i asked the guy at hardware store to cut it 1' x 1' and screw the hook for me. balik rumah, kerja saya ketuk paku saja. :) tapi oleh kerana papan ni tak la secantik mana, something needs to be done. 
maybe i'll paint it tomorrow after work. 

by the way, i've updated my fabric collection. added few new designs and now i have a few choices of linen for your bags, pouch or sleeves lovelies. you can check out the fabrics here. enjoy selecting your fabrics :) 

owh and tak lupa jugak, SELAMAT BERPUASA to my Muslim readers :) 
semoga kita dapat pahala berganda, secara pukal dan secara maksimum. minta maaf ya kalau tersalah tulis or lambat reply e-mail.

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Ayu@Sweetlilcraft said...

selamat berpuasa ajjah. dah ada blog baru. good luck :)

thread organizer tu kalau tampal ngan kain pun cantik. tp dh paku kan, cat pun cantiklah.

Nanti add link akk ye.
dah add yours. Tq yang :)