Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Oh scraps..!

if you do a lot of sewing, i am totally sure that you have buckets of scraps fabric that you are not sure whether to throw them off or to keep them. most of us will keep them, with thought of using them again for something later. me too. small cuts, big cuts i keep them all in a basket. i even bought some fabric scraps to make covered buttons and small crafts. 

so, here are some ideas on what to do with your fabric scraps:

  1. you can design your own greeting cards
  2. redesign your boring looking flip flops
  3. make yourself or your loved ones a super cool unique necklace
  4. or make a new pot holder for your kitchen, like the one i made from my scraps
  5. create your own pin cushion (the list is super long)
  6. if you love sending postcards to your loved ones, create your own postcards
  7. or sew your children a book/ diary cover. this is lovely i'm going to try it myself
  8. in need of handbag organizer? fret not, you can make one from your scraps
  9. since eid is coming in two weeks, why not make some coasters for your guests?
  10. or, make this lovely fabric flower which you can use as brooch, headband or to decorate your plain picture frames.
please really decide on what you want to do, if you know you won't be needing the fabric scraps, give them away or sell them. if they're too small, please throw them away. these tutorial could be an interesting activity to do with children too. happy crafting lovelies..!!

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