Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Khayra Clutch from Sewfabby

 a handmade clutch to complete your raya looks?

can fit in your purse, car keys and few packets of duit raya :D

if you wish to order this khayra clutch,you can chose your fabric here, and fill up the order form and i'll contact you within 24hours insha Allah


Elle Ninos said...

berapa harga ni sis? ada choice warna lain tak?

A said...

Salam, ada custom made tak?

A said...

Salam, ada terima custom made tak?

ajjah said...


Hi dear. I'm making base on orders. So Elle boleh pilih color n corak kain yang mana Elle berkenan :)

Yes, saya memang buat custom order buat masa ni :)