Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Get Organized

bought a rack from ikea during the weekend and so happy with the purchase. 
i was considering a box previously, so store all my fabrics. but the price of 3 boxes were pretty much the same as the rack so why not just take this one instead, and whenever i feel like adding more buckets i can just buy the antonius frame and hook it to the current frame. 

 photo from IKEA website

now my sewing area is more organized, and the fabrics are properly arranged according to their sizes.
brought home more new fabrics too for my art market items :)


Edina Shaharuddin said...

very nice :)

RaiHamina said...

oh gosh this rack is so adorable and practical too...btw, salam kenal..

Liz said...

Hi Can I ask you where did you buy all these designer fabrics?

ajjah said...

thanks ladies :)

Liz, i bought my fabrics from Craftworld at SS2, and also from Etsy.