Thursday, November 3, 2011

November Class

if you're following my FB page, then you would probably know that i'm teaching craft class at fabric fanatic's shop located at USJ19 Mall. kelly's having a group of teachers with her, teaching quite a few interesting projects.

i've completed two sessions for now, with interesting ladies and i must say i love teaching. maybe because i'm teaching people something that i love making, yes i guess that's the reason.

Celine, my first student :) one to one session during my first class. i was panicked at first, i was scared that i might teach her wrongly, or i didn't teach clearly.

but then, Celine made it through the class. we both made it through the class. phew~* she made a perfect make-up pouch, good enough for a first timer with no sewing or bag-making basic.
and this, this is a name card holder i made for myself right after i finished my craft class last week, day after the crafty art bazaar. i promised myself that i would rest and not touch my sewing machine. but hmm.. i failed. 

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