Monday, January 9, 2012

early 2012: my knitting journey

as at january 2012, my knitting skill is 0.5%
or maybe less than that?
i only know how to cast on, and knit stitch

kak Rozi taught me the knit stitch and i learned to cast-on from youtube
so, for now i'm still practicing on how to control my fingers while knitting, 
figuring out which way is the most comfortable one
and my stitches are still here and there, some tight, some loose, some are straight, some gone. 

that's for now, january 9 2012.

by the way, cantik kan my knitting needles? 
bought them from kak Rozi when she got a few sets for sale last year
love the colorful needles, each color represent the needle size, so it's easy to remember

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