Thursday, January 19, 2012

Manizer Bazaar Attack

we (Sewfabby & Made by Rozi Rahman) had our first bazaar last 14 & 15th, as we're still new in this bazaar thingy we decided to try a few places to check out the crowd and to find our niche.

 my DIY chalk board, we made this few days before the market, and i patched the board with fabric scraps. good way to use every single inch of my fabrics.

 our booth, located near to the stage. they had few artist (indi) performing on that day, young singers & rappers. didn't quite like it, i'm getting old.... 

during previous market, i tagged along with my friends from gmj club.
for 2012, i decided to get myself a partner, Rozi from Made by Rozi Rahman.
so lovelies, you will be seing us together at moreeee bazaar after this :)

and most importantly, a big fat hug for our readers who stopped by our booth. it meant a lot to me, knowing that people do read my blog, and still reading my dusty personal blog.
thanks a lot lovelies..!!!

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