Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Market at Jaya One

we will be at Jaya One this Saturday, March 3rd at

this time around, vendors will be located randomly, unlike the previous market at Jaya One where we were located according to items we're selling. we'll be sharing our booth with Made by Rozi Rahman

looking forward for a fun saturday at jaya one with you lovelies
i'll be selling some new stuff, for the home such as wall organizer, car pocket and few other new things..!

and on Sunday, March 4th we will be at
i Love bazaar, Subang Parade at booth no. 24

Monday, February 20, 2012

iPhone sleeve

i made these sleeves for a friend, Aisyah using padded hand phone sleeve pattern from Keyka Lou. the difference is, i didn't make the dart and i like it more that way. dart-less

the sleeve came with external pocket at the back, and slit buttons as per Aisyah's request. 
they're on their way to u Aisyah, i hope you'll like them

Friday, February 17, 2012

Once I'm in the Mood

suddenly i'm in the mood of making different things from my normal projects. made a wrist rest for my own use, since i'm so paranoid about this carpal tunnel syndrome. and also, the ladies from 1H1P & GMJC are so into pin cushions now i couldn't help myself but to try making one for myself. okay, i didn't made just one, i made six of them last night to be given away today.

the flower pin cushion, for myself
Diameter: 4"

 the wrist rest set, one for the keyboard and another small one for the mouse
Keyboard: 13.5" x 3.5"
Mouse: 4" x 3.5"

If you wish to make your own pin cushion, you can check out this page.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Sew-shop - Cotton String

high quality cotton string
i bought these strings because i love the colors, vibrant and soothing, something different from the normal black or white color cotton strings i have before. i'm using the strings for my drawstring bags (few sizes for make-up, for telekung and round pouch)

if you're interested of buying the strings, i'm selling them at RM1.80 per meter.
for now i have only 5 colors: green, pink, blue, mustard & turqoise

Owl in Love

my owls are now flying to their owners
thanks Izzati & Nabihah :)


Monday, February 13, 2012

Sew Shop - Eyelett Setting Tools

 Eyelet Setting Tools - Diameter 5mm
Perfect for you who make ID tag holder, also for book binding (attaching elastics to the cover)

Selling at RM38
The tools come with 15 sets of eyelets
You can also buy the eyelets at RM8 per 100pcs

Eyelet Setting Tools 4mm Diameter
This is the standard size from eyelet that crafters normally use.
You can attach this to felt, cards and fabrics
Selling at RM 32

Saturday, February 11, 2012

for DIY lovers

if you wish to make your own key fob, you can buy this DIY kit.

Thursday, February 2, 2012


a quick update before the long post: 

knitting journey: i now know another method of casting on, the long tail method. my guru taught me during my last bazaar and also from youtube

new items: managed to sew sample set for handphone pouch (photo), pleated clutch, and few bags

workshop: attended a book binding workshop, organized by Little Syam (long post coming up). made my first book, from scratch and tried making another one with additional accessory, button. loved it.

bazaar: i Love bazaar is around the corner, don't forget to come by to Subang Parade (Level 1) this Saturday. my booth will be in front of Sasa shop from 11am till 9am. and Sewfabby will be there until 9am, so take your time but DO come and i hope you'll find something that suits you at my booth. 

cosmo bag: yup, i finished it way before the due date because i wanted to bring it back to ipoh. the original size is huge. huge enough to be my overnighter. will write an entry about that too

February order: Closed