Friday, March 30, 2012

Art for Grabs March 2012

a delayed entry on my last bazaar at annexe gallery central market. 
made a new bunting for my booth and tried out using racks and not using racks.

 gained weight after quitting my job, but eye bags still love me
they just won't go away

 view from the main entrance

 my peg bears
i personally like ninja peg bear

 old stocks, new stocks
i knocked few key holders & thread organizers and made some coasters too

other vendors at AFG
we were told to be creative, we can either use tables or just use the floor

 to hang your keys
i used mod podge for this project, cantik kan kain ni?

 the only thread organizer 
if you sew, you will need this

and this is my new bunting
what do you think? i think the F is a bit tenggelam. 

 my friend Shelby, from Bisou

 Shelby made this, cantik kan kan kan kan?

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