Friday, April 13, 2012

help needed: name my bag

i'm afraid of zippers, that's my confession on this lovely friday. i love bags with zippers, but i still haven't venture into making bags with zipper closure, not without a request from customer. 

last week, i intended to make a simple rectangular sling bag for myself. no zippers, but i want the bag to be a safe bag for me to carry it around. tapi masih tak dapat idea selain daripada gunakan button. 

this was how the bag looked before i went to sleep that night. .

the next morning, came to my mind, a drawstring pouch. i quickly grabbed my puncher & hammer.

and this was how the bag turned out to be

a boxy sling bag, with drawstring closure

something like a drawstring pouch, 
but i used eyelets instead of inserting the string into the bag body. 

made a last minute twist to the bag, by making it more roomy with the boxy base

now... i'm looking for a perfect name for this bag

1 comment:

Bakawali said...

NIce...great idea of making it boxy. Sorry though, i am not creative enough to create names :)