Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Sew Along - Tear Drop Bag by Amy Butler

Remember I wrote about a sew along held by my sewing group at Facebook before? 
Well i got busy and here's my review on the bag.

I found this bag a lot easier than the Cosmo Bag that I sew before. I had difficulties to understand the instruction without any image to help me and most of the time i just imagine how and how to make the bag. So this second time around, I'm well prepared. I think most of us would agree that once you sew the cosmo bag, other bags will be easier to understand and make.

My fabric combo, and to give my bag a steady look, i used cotton stabilizer. I used Happy Hills ~ Calico Cat (Aqua)

As for the instructions, there's a correction for books released before November 15, 2010.The cutting process was a lot easier, so did the ironing. Comparing to cosmo bag. The pleats are a bit confusing for me, the width of bag, after i made the pleats didn't match the band.

The instructions are for magnetic button closure.

I love the tips by Amy Butler, to use safety pin when turning out the handle. 
My bag handle is a bit stiff as i used interfacing on it.

My bag. :) i don't have a complete photo of the bag yet. Always forgot to do it when i use the bag.
For me, the whole bag came out pretty easy and quick. Which explains why i couldn't wait and sew according to the weekly instructions. I believed that once I crossed the Cosmo Bag, the rest will be a lot easier. Hopefully next bags will be as easy as this one. :D

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