Friday, August 31, 2012

Sew Fabby in FEMALE

August has been really nice to me this year. I received many great news, completed few enjoyable projects, made good sale from my shop and most of all was featured in FEMALE magazine..! :D
Terry contacted me few months ago, asking few questions and I had to keep this great news to myself for quite a while as i don't want to get over excited for nothing. Once Terry confirmed the news, that Sewfabby will be featured, then only I broke the news. 

This means a lot to me, when I first started sewing I never really thought that I will be doing this, I will be quitting my job for this. For Sewfabby. But, Allah is great, dan sebaik baik perancang itu adalah Allah. Quitting my day job to focus full time on sewing is the best decision so far, alhamdulillah. 

Thank you to everyone who helped me all these while, who inspired me. Yes this is only a small part of a magazine but it meant a lot to me. Thanks Terry...! :)

Here it is, ni la part yang buat saya terbang di awangan...!

Tania Bag

 I wanted to make this bag since March but been delaying it due to my health condition. Never thought it will be a hit once I posted it to my Facebook page. I made two Tanias last Monday and both sold out on the same day. So I made another four new prints!

Tania bag 
Dimension: 10.5" tall, 12" wide & 3" deep with 19" length of strap
Closure: Flap & magnetic button closure
Pocket: 1 zippered, 1 open pocket

Prince: RM65

Look out for these new prints at my Facebook page next week! 


Thursday, August 30, 2012

Nursing Pillows

For mummies out there, this pillow would be really useful. Nursing pillows are designed for mothers to comfortable hold their babies in correct position while breastfeeding or nursing. Having this pillow to support the baby, compared to supporting your baby with your arms which can cause your arms, shoulder & back to hurt. You can also put your baby in the middle and your baby can lean at the pillow and sit.

Here are some pillows I made for my customers:

for mummy Indah

 for mummy Tahirah & mummy Azreen

for kak Intan's grandson

I used designer cottons for the printed side and minky fabrics on the other side.
For more photos, do visit my FB page