Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Pattern Review: Gathered Clutch by Noodlehead

My crafter friends at GPB group from Facebook have decided to do a sew along on this clutch, so we can all get some experience for purse/ clutch making, as well as making ruffles. We chose two patterns, one of them is this Gathered Clutch from Noodlehead. It is a free tutorial, but the pattern is limited for personal use only and one cannot sell the end product.

This is my first time making ruffles. Luckily the gathered part is only ONE, not more. My mistake was that I fused my medium weight stabilizer before making the ruffles. So after sewing the straight line, i couldn't ruffled the fabric. I tried few times, ended up with sore fingers and broken thread. So, i guessed i must gather it first, then only I can attach the cotton stabilizer.

I also totally forgot about the zipper tab, until I'm about to sew the zipper. So i skipped the tab part. Before attaching the lining to zipper, I would advice for those who's a newbie at ruffle-ing to baste the main fabric first. It made the zipper attaching steps a lot easier for me. Easy breezy!

The rest of the 'journey' was okay to me. Ready to see my version on gathered clutch? 

That's the blur version, from my Instagram. 
Go try and make yourself/ your mom/ teacher/ sister one..!

As for me, I'm glad I tried this tutorial. I can now make more ruffles and add them to my products.


Nomaliza Azman said...

Tapi elakkan penggunaan stripes fabric sebab menghalang kita daripada melihat kecantikan ruffles :)
Unless memang Azzah berniat begitu. Can't wait to see ruffles in your up coming products! :)

ajjah said...

Thanks Liza. You're right! Memang tak berapa nampak ruffles ya. I just tried another one guna linen pulak. :)

chicastic said...

Hey, how did you covered it up when you forgot about the zipper tab..?

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