Saturday, September 15, 2012

Tutorial: How to sew a fabric coaster

I got myself a new coffee table last Ramadan, and for the love of something new I made a set of coasters to protect the table. hehe :) It's a very easy and simple project, no curves and all. Just straight stitches I think you can stitch by hand as well especially if you're using felt. 

So here it is: 

You will need
1. Your favorite fabrics. Same prints on both sides, or like mine I used two different fabrics A & B
2. Fusible batting/ interfacing to give a solid look
3. Ruler to measure the squares
4. Scissors or Rotary Cutter

Cut 8 pieces 4.5" square fabrics.

Same fabrics for both sides = 8 pieces
Different fabrics each side: 4 pcs Fabric A, 4 pcs Fabric B

Cut 4" squares batting/ interfacing.

So total you will have 12 pieces square fabrics, and that's all you need

Iron the fabrics, then iron the batting to one side of your soon to be coaster.
You're gonna start sewing after this, so arrange the fabrics. Place the two pieces RIGHT sides together .

Like this. Pin around to hold the fabrics together

Mark a hole about 1.5" at one side.

Start sewing with 1/4" seam. Sew from one end to another. 
Don't forget to leave a hole so you can turn your coaster inside out later.

This is how it looks. Sew around but leave a hole.

Clip the corners, so you'll have a beautiful square. Turn the coasters inside out through the whole.

** i missed a photo on how to turn inside out

After u turned the coasters, iron the fabrics. 
Fold the excess fabrics from the hole. All sides look the same now.

Top stitch all sides.

And you're done :)

I hope my explanations are clear. If you have any questions on this tutorial, just email me at admin[@]


linalyn mohd said...

Hi Dear..

nak tanya, area klang valley nih mana nak beli Fusible batting?

ajjah said...

Hi Linalyn,

I bought mine from May May Craft, Edina Craft or you can also try Fabric Fanatics :) All of them have FB page