Thursday, November 29, 2012

A long silence...

It has been a while since I last wrote here. 
Well, I was warded and went through a surgery last October right after the Little Red Market bazaar.
And due to my current health condition, I will not take any online orders for now till maybe next year. 

Good news is, we'll have some ready made items for sale. So you won't have to wait till next year to get something from Sewfabby.  Our shoppe will be ready by December insya Allah

So looking forward for December and the new year, our products will also be available at a shop in Publika soon insya Allah. (to be announced later) For now i'm praying & hoping that things will go smoothly and no more being sick for now. :) 

I really must thank those who came to visit when I was at the hospital, and for the flowers, magazines, chocolates, and most importantly your doa & well wishes for me. And my customers, who had to wait for so long to get your orders done, thank you so much for your understanding. 

O yes, that's me during Ibu Bazaar last November 18th. 
My first bazaar after the surgery. Credits to Erin for the photo