Saturday, December 29, 2012

Of 2012...

My target for 2012 is to join more bazaar, and alhamdulillah I completed that target. Joined at least one bazaar a month, except the months when I was totally sick. And tomorrow will be my last bazaar for 2012, Fuyoh Art Bazaar at Publika.

Other than sewing orders, I joined a few groups of sewers and sometimes we had Sew Along projects. One of the group that I considered as my family is GMJC, organized a charity program called Ku Sarungkan Kasih (KSK) where the ladies sew pillowcases & chemo caps to be given to kids at hospitals around Malaysia. Something like Conkerr Cancer Project. They successfully distributed the pillowcase at Hospital Kuala Lumpur last month, and next will be at Kuantan. You can also donate, or sew for the cause. Click here to read more about KSK.

source: KSK FB page

My products grew more and more, from just bags to plushies, blankets and few more new items. I just make whatever crossed my mind at one time and put them up for sale. Bought new sewing machine, thanks to my friend Hidayah Azmi who told me about the NV950 promotion. And no, I still haven't start on embroidery except for simple letters hehe. But I'll start soon.. Soon inshaa Allah. 

And owh, I was featured in Female magazine. :)  yeah, excited. Tak pernah masuk magazine kan.

The last quarter of 2012 wasn't really good for me personally. But that's part of life right. Just hoping for no more sickness, death, or anything that turns my world upside down for few months at least. I can't thank those ladies who ordered and willing to wait till I fully recovered.

So, 2013?
Still with bazaars, and to get active in Etsy (my Etsy shop is super dusty). Prepare more ready stocks for the Shop. If you look up there, ada one Shop tab but the shop is always Close kan. Yeah, that shop will open next year with a lot of ready stocks! yeay! 

Thank you for supporting my business, thank you for stopping by at my booth during any bazaar. Thank you for chatting with me, or even just checking out my products and for all the feedback you gave me. Have a great new year lovelies.

Happy New Year!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Saturday is almost here!

We'll be right at the entrance. Do stop by at Hello Deer and visit us and other super cool artisans okay? :)
I'll bring over some iPad holders, Ollies & Lunas, Nursing pillow, some cute Notebooks in two sizes, Basic purse, Essential clutch, and few more stuff. See you tomorrow lovelies

Cord Wrap

I came across the idea of making cord wrap (wire wrap) when a customer, Sal requested for a pouch to keep her stuff. She mentioned about the wires, and how she needs a bigger pouch to keep the wires from getting tangled up. So I suggested a cord wrap. I made one for her, complimentary with the pouch & other products that she bought from me. And I fell in love with it and I find it super useful. 

Size: 4.5" x 6" (opened)
Padded with light batting & interfacing

I got the pattern from my favorite website, 
You can try the tutorial there, or if you want to skip the sewing part and get yourself one of the wrap, just email me at hello{@} or visit our Facebook page. Or, come and chose your favorite design at Etsy Handmade Bazaar this Saturday at Hello Deer, Uptown Damansara

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Cheque Book Holder

Some cheque book holder I made for the Little Red Market bazaar last October, before the surgery.
This purse fits Malaysian cheque book (up to 100pages) and comes with extra zippered pocket for you to keep your receipts and the pen (it always happen, a cheque book but no pen)

 You can also use this as a clutch you know, feel free to use your creativity. I never thought about it until one of the customer told me she's buying it to use as a clutch.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

New December Fabrics & a Group Buy

Here are some new fabrics that I bought during the Black Friday sale, and available for you to chose from for custom orders (books only). For now I'm not taking any new custom order for sewing (bags, sleeves) until probably January 2013 due to my health condition. Still slowly recovering from the surgery, with some minor pains whenever I sit too long for sewing. 

And waiting for another FRE from the States, with these fabrics in it

Lately I received a few emails asking where I got my fabrics from, I wrote before I guess, they're from But if you don't want to use any credit cards, you can also buy your fabrics from local store like Yee Button at SS2, or shop online from Zura Lovemelots, Kelly Fabric Fanatic, Rozi Little Arwen, or this one shop at Sunway Pyramid (I forgot the name). 

But, since I'm doing some fabrics shopping from my trusted supplier, I can also help you to buy your fabrics. 
You can email me at admin[@] if you wish to join me on my fabric shopping journey and I'll provide you with the link & details ya.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Blank Notebook - Allysha's Full Moon Celebration

During my last bazaar held at Publika, I made some simple blank notebooks, using brown craft paper and I mod-podged fabrics to the covers. Surprisingly the books sold out. I guess it's something different and relatively quite cheap but pretty, suitable for Christmas gift or as door gift for any event.

The books, and that's how I decorate it. With piping string & added Sewfabby's tag.

I received quite a few orders after that, and the latest one is making these notebooks for Maylee. She's giving the notebooks for her latest bundle of joy, Allysha's full moon celebration. 

According to Chinese custom, when a baby turns one month old, a ceremony is held to celebrate her first month of life (the Chinese term translates as "full moon"). This coincides with the end of the new mum's confinement period, and both mother and baby are formally introduced to the extended family and friends for the first time.

Maylee requested for the same presentation I did for the bazaar, the string & tag. But I ran out of the tiny string, so I used two types of them. The tiny one and a pink yarn (suitable for a girl) and fabrics we all chose by Maylee herself from my fabric album & some small cuts I have in stocks.

And here's how Maylee decorate the books, adding her own touch.

Cute right? :) Thanks again Maylee for ordering, and for your feedbacks :) 

If you wish to order the same notebooks, we do take custom orders with good & attractive price. Just email us at hello[@]

I'm making a few more for this Saturday bazaar. Come and join us at our very own Etsy Team Handmade bazaar at Hello Deer by Wondermilk Uptown Damansara this Saturday, December 15th.

and don't forget to participate and win something from our lucky draw contest