Saturday, December 29, 2012

Of 2012...

My target for 2012 is to join more bazaar, and alhamdulillah I completed that target. Joined at least one bazaar a month, except the months when I was totally sick. And tomorrow will be my last bazaar for 2012, Fuyoh Art Bazaar at Publika.

Other than sewing orders, I joined a few groups of sewers and sometimes we had Sew Along projects. One of the group that I considered as my family is GMJC, organized a charity program called Ku Sarungkan Kasih (KSK) where the ladies sew pillowcases & chemo caps to be given to kids at hospitals around Malaysia. Something like Conkerr Cancer Project. They successfully distributed the pillowcase at Hospital Kuala Lumpur last month, and next will be at Kuantan. You can also donate, or sew for the cause. Click here to read more about KSK.

source: KSK FB page

My products grew more and more, from just bags to plushies, blankets and few more new items. I just make whatever crossed my mind at one time and put them up for sale. Bought new sewing machine, thanks to my friend Hidayah Azmi who told me about the NV950 promotion. And no, I still haven't start on embroidery except for simple letters hehe. But I'll start soon.. Soon inshaa Allah. 

And owh, I was featured in Female magazine. :)  yeah, excited. Tak pernah masuk magazine kan.

The last quarter of 2012 wasn't really good for me personally. But that's part of life right. Just hoping for no more sickness, death, or anything that turns my world upside down for few months at least. I can't thank those ladies who ordered and willing to wait till I fully recovered.

So, 2013?
Still with bazaars, and to get active in Etsy (my Etsy shop is super dusty). Prepare more ready stocks for the Shop. If you look up there, ada one Shop tab but the shop is always Close kan. Yeah, that shop will open next year with a lot of ready stocks! yeay! 

Thank you for supporting my business, thank you for stopping by at my booth during any bazaar. Thank you for chatting with me, or even just checking out my products and for all the feedback you gave me. Have a great new year lovelies.

Happy New Year!

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