Friday, January 18, 2013

Linen Siries

I love the combination of cotton and linen, you can see that I made quite a number of items from these two fabric combinations. This one in the photo is Janice patchwork bag, original pattern from I Think Sew and I tweaked the pattern a bit. I didn't use linen for the base and added leather handles instead of fabric. The cottons, various colors and designs giving a colorful look to the bag. 

Ordered by Saiedatul

Emilie Bag, also using cotton (Paris print) and linen for the outer pocket. Another favorite bag of mine, attached with a leather handle. This bag comes with 5 pockets! 2 outside, and 3 inside the bag. How roomy is that? 

Ordered by Hafizah

And this, Classic tote bag using both cotton and linen. 
Najihah requested for leather handle instead of normal fabrics or cotton webbing. 
Also a roomy bag due to its size, comes with 2 slip pockets and 1 zippered pocket. 

Ordered by Najihah

You can also order your favorite bag from us, just let us know the size that you want, the type of closure, you want leather, or fabric handle, or anything extra that you want to have at your bag. I do take custom order and special discount will be given for bulk orders. You can pick your fabrics here, and fill up the form here.

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