Sunday, March 10, 2013

March Bazaars

We had two bazaars in a row last week, I Love Bazaar at Subang Parade on Saturday & the Little Red Market at Publika on the next day. We brought back some of our earliest products, and some new products to test the market and see if people like them. We had key fobs (sold a lot that day, people seemed to miss our fobs).

One of the signs that I am getting old, is that I couldn't stand the one whole day bazaar, so I had to call for help the next day. At the Little Red Market, my sister had to come to help manning my booth, while i stayed at home. I came later in the afternoon, only managed to snap some photos of the bazaar. 


The crowd at 3pm. This bazaar always managed to pull large crowds, thanks to the organizer Melissa & Sally who came all the way from Australia this time around.

They also had kids activities, so your kids can entertain themselves when mommies do their shopping & mingled around. This, i wanted to try but was too shy (and later regretted). 

My neighbor, Nadiah from Funkytiles. On my left side was Milly Milk Ville, and some of my neighbors were The Batik Boutique, &  Whisk & Bake

We'll be at Subang Parade again in April. And hope to be there again joining next LRM session. :) 

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