Thursday, September 12, 2013

Kusarungkan Kasih: September 1000 Pillowcases Drive

This September, the wonderful ladies of GMJ Club are organizing this 1000 Pillowcases Drive under Kusarungkan Kasih project. The target is (obviously) collecting 1000 pieces of pillowcase to be given to cancer patients at hospitals around Malaysia. This project is also similar to ConKerr Cancer project back in the US. For info, September is the Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Why pillowcase? Well it may sounds simple and just a pillowcase, but it means a lot for them to receive such cool & colorful pillowcase rather than a normal white pillowcase provided at the hospital. And how special they'll feel to receive gifts!

There are many ways for you to help with this project, you can either:

  1. Sew a (or more!) pillowcase, the size is 29 x 19 inches and send to the collection center before 30 September 2013
  2. Buy some cotton fabrics, and send to the volunteers for them to sew (please click here to get the collection center address and closing date)
  3. Donate cash, to purchase fabrics
 Cash donations can be made to this account:
Maybank 569954054394
  Persatuan Geng Mesin Jahit Selangor

 May this small gift from us, brings a huge smile to the special child. 
The least we can do is to share about this project. Thank you everyone

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