Thursday, September 18, 2014

Super Muadz

I made this Super Pillow for my neighbor's son, Mu'az 
He loves vehicles, but his name is the only one I can think of at that moment so here it goes

You can also order this type of pillow, for your SuperBoy (or man)
Price starts from RM65 depending on the pillow size and designs, Material is super soft minky.

Just email us or send us PM via our Facebook page

Coffee Love

Don't you just love a good cup of coffee, and of course a good company 
to enjoy the coffee (and a slice of cake of course) together?

I just downloaded this new Apps, Fuzel Collage. It comes with an amount of 'credits' that you can use to purchase the additional frames, layouts, stickers and so on. I used it to compiled my recently made bag tags, my newly found (yes, found... Not bought) fabrics, and few other photos. Love the layout, super love the stickers, and urmm basically I love everything about this apps!

Bag tag is RM15 each, and they are available by order
If you would like to get one (or more!), kindly email 
or send us PM via our Facebook page

Friday, September 12, 2014

Winter Princesses

Elsa & Anna Bag Tags
RM15 each, and they are available by order

To order, kindly email or send us PM via our Facebook page

Monday, September 8, 2014

Wonder You

Wonder Woman Luggage Tag
RM15 each

To order, kindly email or send us PM via our Facebook page

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Monday, September 1, 2014

Minky Pillow for a Princess

Minky Embroidered Pillow (12 x 16 inches)
Available for order.

Price starts from RM65 each (depending on stitch count)
Minky pillow available in baby pink, hot pink, baby blue, yellow, red, brown & purple.
Click here to view the available embroidery designs

To order, please email or send us PM via our Facebook page

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

I made Gemstone Pillow

Gemstone pillow I made, following the tutorial from my favorite quilting magazine 
 Love both the pattern & tutorial as it's so easy to follow.

And that's my cat, Tintin who enjoyed the pillow like it's his pillow! :D

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Last day of Syawal

We were away during last Eid, and didn't get to enjoy our raya in kampung.
How was your Eid? Did you managed to complete puasa enam?
Today's the last day of Syawal, and no more open house after this
so let's get our ideal weight again hehe

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Chevron Roll Organizer

Rolled organizer I made for Khumaira.
Fits 8 pens and small notebook or calculator.

Kept your stationary organized, roll and chuck them into your bags. My type of pencil case, easy to see, easy to fold and I can see everything I need rather than scrambling through a pouch.

This organizer can also be used for travel, just let me know how many slots needed. You can put your passport, boarding pass, pen, airline card or anything! It can be used as make up brush casing too.

To order something like this, or anything just email me at and
I will be happy to assist you with your order.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Babies of Sew Fabby

These Pelikat Sets are still availble at our Facebook Page or PinkierthanBlue

Thank you for sharing your photos with us. 
Selamat Hari Raya
Maaf Zahir Batin

*Been really long, will update really soon!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Kin Tick Valley, Bentong

We went for a short and nearby getaway in Pahang recently, with my husband's aunt and her family. This place, is a hidden gem. We never heard of it, until Zul's uncle mentioned about it. So, why not give it a try! :D

It's all about nature here. No tv in the room, and the phone coverage is very poor.  You will have to go to the lobby area to watch tv, or to use their free wifi service. There's a river nearby, and the place is surrounded by orchards, and you can eat the local fruits for free (if you're a guest la..). By the time we went, there was only banana. Belum musim lagi for durian and other fruits.

Since there's no tv, no internet... Time passes reallyyyyy slow. What you can do is sleep, (stone house is super cooling you don't need the aircond) take a walk around the area, or rent a bicycle if you want. Another mode of transportation is, the pick-up truck. Get the staff to take u for a ride, and go see the hill house. 

Hill House, on top of the hill, on its own. Said to be perfect for those who need privacy and honeymooners. But then, I don't want to stay here.  Too scary for me.

 We had fun, spending time together here. Clean environment, clean air. I started sneezing the moment we reached the highway back to KL.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Available - Renee Wallet

Now available at Sew Shoppe

Renee Wallet RM45 each
8 x 4 inches
Fits up to Samsung Galaxie Note phone
Comes with 1 open pocket, 1 zippered pocket at the back and 6 card slots 
(each fits 2-3 cards)

To order, please visit our Facebook page

Monday, March 10, 2014

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Quilt group, and block of the month

Recently, my friend Zura from Sew Retro Chic introduced me to a new group at Facebook. The group is all about quilting, and I know nothing about quilting! I just love Zura's creations with her baby quilts. I made one before, but with barely zero knowledge, I found it really hard and took a really long time to complete the quilt, especially the binding part. 

Okay so this year, they're having this Block of the Month activity, where every month one quilter will share a quilt block tutorial for everyone to follow. Once done in December, we will quilt them! That will be interesting, really interesting I will keep the quilt to myself.

January block - Flying Geese

February block - April Star

Looking forward for more blocks, and finally the quilt itself.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Inspirations from Pinterest - Wall Collage

Since we moved in, we only focused on the most important parts of the house. Of getting the paint done, kitchen cabinets, wardrobe and furniture. We planned to continue on the walls, adding frames and photos later after we settled moving in, but we never did continue. The walls remained plain, so did our tv racks. 

So this year, we have this plan, called Project Raya. That's a long term project (since we're both busy with our own stuff), so we'll have ample time to start buying frames, getting the photos printed during our trip later, and re-deco the house. The sofa & curtains aren't that good looking now, thanks to our cats. Which also calls for a DIY job, so I'm thinking of slip cover, and adding extra length to our old curtains.

When you need ideas, on basically everything, Pinterest is the best place! I created a board, on Wall Frame ideas, Bedroom palette, Kitchen cabinets ideas (deleted them once I was done with the house) and so many things.  I even search for recipes here, and ended up with some cool recipes especially cakes.

For the walls, here are some ideas that caught my eyes:

And here's a guide & some wall collage designs you can use for your house

We bought some frames, and we already had a few of them from our previous house, so next will be printing part and arranging. Wish us luck!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Some new fabrics, more to come soon

Some fabrics I bought during the Black Friday & Cyber Monday sale at Hypernoodle Fabrics in December. Didn't buy much, as I just purchased some fabrics from before that, and those fabrics will be here this month. Thanks to kak Naza from Itsydoodles who shared her slots with me. 

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Personalized Bag Tag

One of my favorite item in shop, these personalized bag tags are suitable for your kids (or you, yourself) school bags, sport bags, swimming bags or luggage! A super easy way to recognized their bags especially with unique designs and bright colors! Unlike other bag tags out there, I'm using a PUL leather strap to make it stiff so the tag will not flipped around. It's removable, so you can detach and use the tag again on other bag/ luggage. Owh if you wish to have ribbons/ strap loop instead of this ring, do let me know I will be happy to make one for you.

My embroidery machine will be home soon, so I can start doing embroidery again. I really really miss making these and the towels! Visit this album if you wish to order this bag tag.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Sew Along - Lunch Tote

My friends from a bag-maker Facebook group recently held a Sew Along project, making this adorable Lunch Tote designed by Remona from the Stitching Scientist. The tasks were divided into three parts, 1 part for each week. I didn't think I can commit to the project as I was busy with something else by then. But, finally on the third week, when participants were supposed to post photos of end product, I finally managed to sew one. And immediately fall in love with the bag. 

 Here is my lunch tote. From the original pattern, I resized it to A3 size, then divide them into half, resize each page to A3 size and taped them together. Haha :) So my bag dimension is 15" (at the widest part of the bag) x 11.5" (from the handle top)  x 4" deep. Good enough to put my wallet, make-up pouch, tissue pouch (yes, so many pouches I know), cell phone and my keys. 

I used the charm packs to make this bag, simply because I love the color combo. They are from Juggling Summer Moda Fabric by Zen Chic. I used 12 pieces of 5" squares for each side of the bag, while for the lining, I used polka dots Japanese cotton. The bottom part, I used dark blue denim to give the bag a sturdy look. The outer body were quilted, I'm not so good at free-motion thingy, so I quilt along the lines. Well, I'm pretty proud of myself for that. As for the handles, I used ready made PUL-leather handles, just need to knock them up!

 I didn't wait long to use the bag, once done I immediately transferred all my junks into the bag and ready to go out and rock the bag. The fact that it's fits all my stuff nicely, makes it my favorite bag for now. I don't like a bulky bag, and if you're like me, you will love love love this size.

Thanks Remona for this pattern, and thanks GPB members especially Sohana Sabir from mybotang for organizing this sew along. Look forward for the next sew along!

Monday, February 3, 2014

Long weekend and how I survived.

First of all, I would like to wish all my Chinese readers a Happy Chinese New Year!
May you have good health, good luck and much much happiness throughout the year.

It was a long weekend for us in Malaysia, CNY fell on Friday & Saturday, some companies replaced any public holiday that falls on Saturday with either Friday or Monday off. Then Sunday was Hari Wilayah (Federal Territory Day), celebrated by Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya and Labuan on every February 1st of the year, to be replaced on Tuesday. So, another day off for some of us. That makes it 5 days weekend! Phew!

My husband was away for work, so I chose to stay at home and did some cleaning, sewing & sorting. I guess I was so bored, I decided to clear my scrap fabrics boxes, 2 of them and sorted them out according to size & colors. Not just that, I then ironed & folded them up! Surprisingly, some of them were not even supposed to be in 'scraps'category, they're big enough to make pouches & passport covers (they're in my To Sew List this week). The smaller sizes, I'll use them for appliques & patches. 

I found my denims collection while clearing the room, and made these baskets. 
They were so easy to make, I made 5 of them, one after another. It's so easy, I'll post the tutorial here someday insha Allah. 

Attached a bow to one of the baskets, in a way to label it as mine. 
 What else, I completed my Block of The Month but that, I will share with u in my next post. 
Do let me know if you wish to purchase this basket, I will be happy to make one (or more!) for you.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Leisure Sewing: Peplum Shorts

A friend shared with me this super cute tutorial from Crafting Zuzzy, on how to sew a Peplum shorts for girls. Peplum! My sister laughed when I told her that I'm making a peplum shorts, "Babies in peplum?"
Haha why not? Ladies all over the world was crazy over peplum especially last year, during the Eid celebration almost half of the ladies I met wore peplum dress.

All geared up, i cut the fabrics the very next day and started sewing. The pattern size is for 12-18mo toddler. My niece is at home so maybe I can get her to try this shorts for me.  

The tutorial is pretty easy to understand and follow, so I guess this is something that beginners can pull off for their first sewing project. I know some excited mothers who want to sew & make stuff for their child. 

Here's the outcome! My niece refused to try it on, so I put it on to her newborn sister instead haha. 

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Coming Soon: Owl Plushie Tutorial

 A simple tutorial coming soon here at Sew Fabby
Suitable for beginners

Monday, January 27, 2014

Survey: Pelikat Big Butt Pants

This is my version on Big Butt Pants designed by Rae from Made by Rae

Instead of normal cotton, i used the kain pelikat (sarong) which is normally worn by the guys in Malaysia. The fabric is not thick, airy and very comfortable to wear in hot & humid weather we have in Malaysia. As the sarong normally available in large size for adults or smaller size for kids, babies don't get to wear kain pelikat. So, I came up with this idea to make comfy big butt pants from this material. 

I made a few for friends and family, and I've been receiving few requests to order this pants. So I decided to make a few of them for sale, but I need your help to decide on what size should I make. I don't have the time to make all six sizes so I will only make 2 or 3 most popular sizes for sale. And they won't be a lot, only about 5 pieces per size. 

So do let me know if you wish to get this pants, you may leave a comment here, or via email, or you can drop by at my Instagram page and leave your vote there. You may end up getting your baby a pelikat pants for FREE...! :) 

Till then, have a great Monday! 

*I am a licensed seller for Big Butt Pants, designed by Rae Hoekstra of Made by Rae