Monday, February 17, 2014

Inspirations from Pinterest - Wall Collage

Since we moved in, we only focused on the most important parts of the house. Of getting the paint done, kitchen cabinets, wardrobe and furniture. We planned to continue on the walls, adding frames and photos later after we settled moving in, but we never did continue. The walls remained plain, so did our tv racks. 

So this year, we have this plan, called Project Raya. That's a long term project (since we're both busy with our own stuff), so we'll have ample time to start buying frames, getting the photos printed during our trip later, and re-deco the house. The sofa & curtains aren't that good looking now, thanks to our cats. Which also calls for a DIY job, so I'm thinking of slip cover, and adding extra length to our old curtains.

When you need ideas, on basically everything, Pinterest is the best place! I created a board, on Wall Frame ideas, Bedroom palette, Kitchen cabinets ideas (deleted them once I was done with the house) and so many things.  I even search for recipes here, and ended up with some cool recipes especially cakes.

For the walls, here are some ideas that caught my eyes:

And here's a guide & some wall collage designs you can use for your house

We bought some frames, and we already had a few of them from our previous house, so next will be printing part and arranging. Wish us luck!

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