Monday, February 3, 2014

Long weekend and how I survived.

First of all, I would like to wish all my Chinese readers a Happy Chinese New Year!
May you have good health, good luck and much much happiness throughout the year.

It was a long weekend for us in Malaysia, CNY fell on Friday & Saturday, some companies replaced any public holiday that falls on Saturday with either Friday or Monday off. Then Sunday was Hari Wilayah (Federal Territory Day), celebrated by Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya and Labuan on every February 1st of the year, to be replaced on Tuesday. So, another day off for some of us. That makes it 5 days weekend! Phew!

My husband was away for work, so I chose to stay at home and did some cleaning, sewing & sorting. I guess I was so bored, I decided to clear my scrap fabrics boxes, 2 of them and sorted them out according to size & colors. Not just that, I then ironed & folded them up! Surprisingly, some of them were not even supposed to be in 'scraps'category, they're big enough to make pouches & passport covers (they're in my To Sew List this week). The smaller sizes, I'll use them for appliques & patches. 

I found my denims collection while clearing the room, and made these baskets. 
They were so easy to make, I made 5 of them, one after another. It's so easy, I'll post the tutorial here someday insha Allah. 

Attached a bow to one of the baskets, in a way to label it as mine. 
 What else, I completed my Block of The Month but that, I will share with u in my next post. 
Do let me know if you wish to purchase this basket, I will be happy to make one (or more!) for you.

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