Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Sew Along - Lunch Tote

My friends from a bag-maker Facebook group recently held a Sew Along project, making this adorable Lunch Tote designed by Remona from the Stitching Scientist. The tasks were divided into three parts, 1 part for each week. I didn't think I can commit to the project as I was busy with something else by then. But, finally on the third week, when participants were supposed to post photos of end product, I finally managed to sew one. And immediately fall in love with the bag. 

 Here is my lunch tote. From the original pattern, I resized it to A3 size, then divide them into half, resize each page to A3 size and taped them together. Haha :) So my bag dimension is 15" (at the widest part of the bag) x 11.5" (from the handle top)  x 4" deep. Good enough to put my wallet, make-up pouch, tissue pouch (yes, so many pouches I know), cell phone and my keys. 

I used the charm packs to make this bag, simply because I love the color combo. They are from Juggling Summer Moda Fabric by Zen Chic. I used 12 pieces of 5" squares for each side of the bag, while for the lining, I used polka dots Japanese cotton. The bottom part, I used dark blue denim to give the bag a sturdy look. The outer body were quilted, I'm not so good at free-motion thingy, so I quilt along the lines. Well, I'm pretty proud of myself for that. As for the handles, I used ready made PUL-leather handles, just need to knock them up!

 I didn't wait long to use the bag, once done I immediately transferred all my junks into the bag and ready to go out and rock the bag. The fact that it's fits all my stuff nicely, makes it my favorite bag for now. I don't like a bulky bag, and if you're like me, you will love love love this size.

Thanks Remona for this pattern, and thanks GPB members especially Sohana Sabir from mybotang for organizing this sew along. Look forward for the next sew along!

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