Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Kin Tick Valley, Bentong

We went for a short and nearby getaway in Pahang recently, with my husband's aunt and her family. This place, is a hidden gem. We never heard of it, until Zul's uncle mentioned about it. So, why not give it a try! :D

It's all about nature here. No tv in the room, and the phone coverage is very poor.  You will have to go to the lobby area to watch tv, or to use their free wifi service. There's a river nearby, and the place is surrounded by orchards, and you can eat the local fruits for free (if you're a guest la..). By the time we went, there was only banana. Belum musim lagi for durian and other fruits.

Since there's no tv, no internet... Time passes reallyyyyy slow. What you can do is sleep, (stone house is super cooling you don't need the aircond) take a walk around the area, or rent a bicycle if you want. Another mode of transportation is, the pick-up truck. Get the staff to take u for a ride, and go see the hill house. 

Hill House, on top of the hill, on its own. Said to be perfect for those who need privacy and honeymooners. But then, I don't want to stay here.  Too scary for me.

 We had fun, spending time together here. Clean environment, clean air. I started sneezing the moment we reached the highway back to KL.