Thursday, April 23, 2015

Prince and Superman

For Khalish Aaryan

To order, kindly email or Telegram +60132799127 and I'll provide the links for you to chose the designs and font. 

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Jatujak Market Bangkok The Amazing Thailand

Jatujak Market (only on weekends)

Opening hours: 9 am - 8 pm but the sellers normally starts packing by 6pm
How to go there: We normally use the BTS service - final stop Mo Chit Station or via MRT Chatuchak Park Station

What you can buy there: Everything under the sun; food, clothing, home deco items, arts, pets, books, antiques, leather stuff, plants & gardening stuff, ceramics, you name it. And fret not, courier services are available there so you can shop and ship immediately. No hassle!

What to look for there, the coconut ice cream! 
It's normally super hot and this dessert is just what we need.  Halal food are easy to find, there are two shops at Soi 24, Section 16 selling Thai dishes. But the one we like most is the Thai Beef Soup Noodle at Saman Islam. That is the best beef noodle i've ever tasted in my whole life. 

 At Jatujak Market you get to see the young artisans with their brands. Some selling clothings, arts, handmade items. And this brand, Ra Tha is just brilliant. The ladies painted canvas fabric with random abstract designs which are just so cool!

Some tips for you:

  1. Dress appropriately, it's really hot there! Bring a hat, or you can just buy one there (outside the market) at 120 baht. A lot cheaper compared to inside the market compound. 
  2. Bring CASH. This is a weekend market, not a mall. ATM machines available there.
  3. You will be walking A LOT so wear comfortable shoes. Like super comfortable shoes.
  4. Since it's really hot, keep yourself hydrated.  A lot of stalls selling drinks and fresh juices. Yummeh!
  5. Grab a map at Exit 1, and mark your favorite and the shop that you plan to go again. But my personal advice would be, if you like something and the price is reasonable, BUY! You may not find the shop again later and regret it and still thinking about it when you get back home.
  6. Don't eat too much before you go there, you'll find a lot of interesting food to try there!
  7. Bargain! Some items are fixed, but most of them are open for bargain. Do it nicely don't marah-marah
  8. Be careful of pick pockets, wear your backpacks on the front side of your body. 
  9. Enjoy shopping!