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  1. I would like to send my own towel for embroidery work, is that possible?
    • Yes, you may send the towels to us and we will only charge for the embroidery fee.
    • We accept towels, cushion cover, aprons, handkerchief, bath robe and pillow case.

  2. How much do you charge for embroidery work?
    • The fee starts from RM17 depending on the stitch count. Bigger & complicated designs = Higher price compared to Small & simple designs

  3. Can I use my own photo for the embroidery?
    • Yes, but there will be additional fee to convert the photo (jpeg) to embroidery format
    • Starts from RM15

  4. What type of towel are your using?
    • We use 100% cotton material towels

  5. How long does it takes to complete my order?
    • Depending on current outstanding order, normally 7-10 working days. However during peak period (after bazaars, Christmas season, year end) it may take longer about 10-14 working days

  6. Do you do delivery?
    • No, but customers are welcome to collect their orders from our studio at Section 14, Shah Alam